GUROP and Honor Council Staff

Sonia Jacobson has worked on academic matters in the Provost's Office at Georgetown for more than ten years, and she likes to think she has been a positive force in enhancing the intellectual life of Georgetown undergraduates.  Her participation was key to the development and acceptance of the current Undergraduate Honor System in 1996, and has served as its director ever since.  With William Cooper, executive vice president (1996-1998), Sonia helped "invent" the Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP) which matches Georgetown's very intelligent and enterprising undergraduates with its equally talented and expert faculty to pursue original research in the creation of knowledge.  An ardent Midwesterner (raised on a farm in eastern South Dakota and in the Chicago area), Sonia holds degrees in classical languages from Carleton College (A.B. 1975) and the University of Chicago (A.M. 1988) where she also worked for ten years prior to moving to Washington DC.  Her husband Bob is a physician, and they have two teenage children.  Sonia's hobbies include running, needlepoint, baking, photography, reading mystery novels, and learning to sing alto.

Emily Jones serves as the Graduate Assistant to the Honor Council. She is a 2013 graduate of Georgetown College, and is currently pursuing her MA in English at Georgetown. For questions about Honor Council matters, Emily can be reached at