The ground floor of Gervase houses a diverse and dedicated collection of programs aimed at promoting and encouraging intellectual life on campus. The Programs in Gervase include the Office of Fellowships, Awards and Research (Carroll Fellows Initiative, Office of Fellowships & Awards, GUROP, Research Resources), the undergraduate Honor Council, and the Georgetown chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

Office of Fellowships, Awards and Research

The Carroll Fellows Initiative (CFI) supports and encourages students who are training themselves to craft creative solutions to enduring problems through the search for innovative knowledge. Through unique curriculum, mentor relationships, research opportunities and the fostering of intellectual development, the CFI helps develop tomorrow’s leaders.

The Office of Fellowships & Awards recruits and trains highly motivated and accomplished students who are interested in a variety of national and international fellowships and scholarships. These are merit-based awards, which usually require formal university endorsement in order for candidates to apply. Most of these awards support graduate study in the United States and abroad.

The Georgetown Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (GUROP) allows students and professors to work together on engaging research projects outside the classroom. Students who have completed at least one semester-long project may apply for larger and more intensive summer GUROP grants.

The Research Resources office became part of GOFAR in the summer of 2011. This office aims to set up an online searchable database allowing students to search for faculty members whose research interest matches their own. The office also advises undergraduates on opportunities for research and funding at Georgetown and beyond.

Undergraduate Honor Council

The undergraduate Honor Council promotes academic excellence through academic integrity. The Council’s role on campus is two-fold: they facilitate discussions and conversations about academic integrity and proper research methodologies while also adjudicating Honor System offenses.

Phi Beta Kappa

The Georgetown chapter of Phi Beta Kappa oversees nomination and admission to this prestigious honors society. Students do not need to apply to PBK. All transcripts that fall within the Chapter's selection criteria will be reviewed, and admissible students will be contacted directly. The review and admissions process is usually completed by late April each year.